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Who We Are

LearnCQ.com is brought to you by The Cultural Intelligence Center.

The Cultural Intelligence Center is an innovative, research-based consulting and training organization that draws upon empirical findings to help executives, companies, universities, and government organizations assess and improve cultural intelligence (CQ).

We provide, engaging, research-based workshops, tools, resources, and courses which are brought-to-life using effective learning and development strategies. In addition, we are happy to work with you to provide programs that are tailored to your organization and needs.

More information about The Cultural Intelligence Center can be found on our website located at www.CulturalQ.com.

What We Do

We know research demonstrates that diverse perspectives lead to better solutions. We help develop innovative solutions that improve multicultural performance based on rigorous academic research.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe the work we do can make the world a better place and we are motivated to spread cultural intelligence awareness, training, and development across the globe.

Partners We Work With

We have the privilege of working with hundreds of companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions across the globe. We strive to become a strategic partner in addressing the opportunities and challenges for working across cultures.

Our Team

The Cultural Intelligence Center is a growing, innovative training and consulting company that is changing the way individuals and organizations are approaching diversity and global engagement. Meet a few of our key team members.

David Livermore, PhD

Founder and President

Linn Van Dyne, PhD


Sandra Upton

VP, Global Diversity Practice

Mike Knox

Founder and Sr. Vice President

Keyla Waslawski

Vice President of Operations

Ellen Dyla

Client Relations Specialist

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