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CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE, or CQ®, predicts effectiveness in culturally diverse situations, success in work performance and leadership effectiveness. Research demonstrates that people with high CQ make high quality decisions. They are also effective leaders, high performers, creative, skilled negotiators, trusted, and resistant to burnout – all in culturally diverse situations.

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We support self-motivated individuals with flexible solutions that are designed and built to meet them wherever they are on their exploring and learning journeys.

Our solutions are designed to give you a learning experience that goes beyond a traditional class and to provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to contextualize CQ in every aspect of your life, leading to improvement in behaviors and performances.

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On, a wide array of CQ assessments and active-learning opportunities is available for individuals, including participating in public workshops, taking a CQ Masterclass and earning a credential, or attending a Certification program to become Certified CQ trainers. is your go-to online store if you find yourself asking:

“How do I communicate or work effectively with diverse colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, and others?”

“How do I establish authentic and gratifying business and personal relationships without compromising my own values?

“How do I advance my career and succeed in diverse settings?” 

The answer is Cultural Intelligence. 

Beginning your CQ journey starts with measuring your Cultural Intelligence with the CQ Pro Assessment. This assessment measures your ability to work and relate across global cultures by measuring skills in four distinct areas: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Action, and CQ Strategy.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals from over 168 countries have taken the CQ Assessment to measure their intercultural effectiveness and to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and those they interact with daily.

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It all starts with the CQ Assessment. We use the results of your CQ Assessment to tailor the Digital Courses based on your strengths and weaknesses. 

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