CQ Talent™

Ensure a culturally intelligent hiring process. CQ Talent helps you select the job candidates who are most likely to thrive in a diverse, unpredictable environment by assessing their CQ, cultural values, and their fit with your team.

Hiring managers interview candidates for their fit with a job.

CQ Talent™ helps assess a candidate's fit within your Team and company culture. Learn more about CQ Talent™

A product that uses the CQ Assessment for the purposes of assessing prospective job candidates.

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Designed for use by recruiters and hiring managers to assess prospective candidates Cultural Intelligence (CQ), cultural values, attitude towards diversity, work values, team fit, and more.

Based on the well-validated CQ Assessment, with new measures of validity that provide feedback on candidate:

  • Self-presentation
  • Work Values
  • Attitude towards Diversity
  • Psychological Ownership of Work
  • Attention to Detail
Learn more at CulturalQ.co.uk or contact us to start a conversation.