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Coming Soon – CQ® for Teams Workshop


Coming Soon – CQ® for Teams Workshop

Is your team having difficulty communicating with each other? Is everyone on the team comfortable sharing their ideas? Are project deadlines slipping because of team communication?

Do you have a staff member or two who are making your team less cohesive?

Cultural differences can affect team dynamics and effectiveness.

The CQ Center’s Cultural Intelligence for Teams Workshop addresses these issues to help team members develop skills to interact more effectively. We go beyond raising cultural awareness, and help participants build usable skills for effectively navigating and leveraging cultural differences in their work. This leads to high high-quality personal and professional relationships, team synergy, and team performance.

This interactive workshop introduces the CQ® model of cultural intelligence capabilities. It provides proven strategies for optimizing collaboration across cultural differences (multinational, generational, ethnic, or organizational, etc.). The workshop covers key cultural differences as well as how to apply the CQ model for working across diverse cultural settings. Participants will receive practical examples and best practices for using cultural intelligence to enhance team processes and outcomes.

They will develop personal action plans for improving their cultural intelligence personally and in their teams after the workshop. Published, peer-reviewed research on Cultural Intelligence is the basis of the recommendations for the successful application of CQ in teams.

You Will Receive

CQ Starter

A 10-minute e-learning introducing CQ and why it matters.

Cultural Values and CQ Assessment and Personal Feedback Report

Workshop Participant Guide

4 Hour Virtual Workshop

Based on the proven research about Cultural Intelligence (CQ), this interactive workshop includes real-world application exercises, self-reflection activities, and discussions – all focused on challenges and opportunities for educators.

CQ Development Plan Outline

Cultural Values Team Cards

Applying CQ: Using CQ in Everyday Life Digital Course

This e-learning provides compelling reasons and benefits why we need Cultural Intelligence in our everyday life, knowledge on the four common cultural values with rich examples, and the CQ model to be applied at work or in life.

Certificate of Completion and Digital Badge

A downloadable sharable credential you can embed in your email signature, print out, or use however you wish.


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Not Sure Where to Start?

It all starts with the CQ Assessment. We use the results of your CQ Assessment to tailor the Digital Courses based on your strengths and weaknesses. 

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